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A Great Man Knows His Own Limitations
This picture prompted me to write the blog post. Like many other people, I am a great admirer of Steve[...]
BIG PICTURE vs REAL PICTURE – What is Required for Business Transformations?
Global shipping is a very cut-throat business where you can make a lot of money just by buying and selling ships[...]
Your Business Network Is Your Business’ Net Worth
--- Excerpted from the introduction of THE 5-STAR BUSINESS NETWORK Business Network is now the engine of the society and[...]
What Two African Entrepreneurs Have Learnt From Amazon.Com – Globalization In Action Serving Humanity
Boasting exponential growth since its inception in 2012, Jumia became the first e-commerce site to bring the coveted Play Station[...]
10 Ways To Create Value Through Your Business Network
The key to realising value in your business is to use your business network. The marketplace has moved on from[...]
Understanding And Using Resistance – In Business Transformations Using SCM 3.0
19 years ago, when studying for MBA, our Professor in Change Management, Dexter Dunphy told us that Change Management is[...]
Will Amazon Meet Its Waterloo In India
Sooner or later every empire builder starts a campaign which is too ambitious, too audacious and too resource sapping. That[...]
The Newest Way To Make Your Business Network Great
In his book The 5-STAR Business Network (http://bit.ly/5-STARBN), Vivek Sood mentions the concept of synchronicity, and focus on Carl Jung’s perception of[...]
The Value Of Loyalty?
I would not have known who Ed Catmull was, except for a passage in Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson.[...]
Fresh Thinking For New Business Models
Old Business Models are Getting Redundant When General Motors filed for Chapter XI protection in 2008, it also marked the[...]