If you like this book and are wondering what next, you have come to the right page. 

Clearly the first obvious step would be to get this book, or at least the three free chapters that the author offers to every reader. 

Another helpful step would be to get hold of the one page action plan based on this book. 

Assuming you have done all this and are now ready to move forward with your business transformation program. 

You can find more about how we can assist in business transformation programs from our company website, or from the authors website

Alternatively, you can invite the author for a keynote speech at your company’s top management retreat.

We also run executive workshops for managements and boards of chosen companies. Generally, there is a back log due to our other commitments, so book early if this is your chosen option. 

Finally, if your teams are not yet ready for all these high engagement actions – try and get hold of a few copies of our follow-up book – UNCHAIN YOUR CORPORATION. It is full of more than 200 case stories, and anecdotes illustrating the points made in this book. If will provide the necessary impetus for action.