Who Hijacked Your Supply Chain?

Hijacked Your Supply Chain

About More Hijacked Your Supply Chain I do not publish too many posts on LinkedIn any more because of ‘Gresham’s Law‘. However, once in a while I still publish content that would be relevant to that platform. I was delivering the keynote speech at the Quintiq World Tour recently at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore – where […]

Business Model Transformation: Lessons From Soccer And Hockey – Part 2

Soccer And Hockey

About Business Model Transformation In the previous blog in this series I wrote about the Brazilian soccer teams transformation from an individualistic style of play to a network style game. In early 90s, more than two decades since the last World Cup championship title and Brazil faced an interesting juxtaposition – continue with what led to past […]

What Data You Got is Not As Important as What you Do With It


First let me start with a story. I have some personal experience in 1990 with this ancient mariners’ rhyme: The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere: Day after day, day after day,We stuck, nor breath nor motion;As idle as a painted shipUpon a painted ocean. Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, […]

Optimising What? Why Business Transformations Fail?


Business Transformations of Supply Chain Optimisation has always been a hot topic for strategists and business transformations executives. Now, as the mantle for leading corporations is moving from strategists to the integrationists and supply chain leaders – optimisation is hotter than ever before. When discussing business transformations, in my workshops, presentations and speeches, in particular I […]

Departmental Silos: The Achilles Heel of Your Company

Departmental Silos

Departmental Silos: The Achilles Heel of Your Company Departmental Silos: The Achilles Heel of Your Company AUTHOR VIVEK SOOD TIME TO READ 6 minutes last update January 14, 2022 Businesses are gradually being chained by a number of forces so ubiquitous and accepted by all of us, that we fail to notice their impact on […]

ERP Unraveled: Why Your Business Might Suffer From Inadequate Planning

Business Might Suffer

To combat the symptoms of departmental silos many organizations implement a very rigid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Business Planning This helps run their internal processes and coordinates inter-departmental communication. By their nature, these systems are very formulaic and prescriptive with a one-size fits all approach to planning. Now a different bunch of problems start surfacing […]

If Your Business Has Too Much Internal Focus, You Could Be Missing Out

Internal Focus

It’s no surprise that customers hate companies with too much internal focus.  As organizations free up their inter-departmental planning from rigidities, the communications start to bloom.  Efficiency improves considerable and everybody starts running together, faster.  However, a higher set of problems emerge due to lack of external focus – on suppliers, customers, and end-consumers. Many […]

A Revamped Business Model: The Introduction of Customer Centric

Revamped Business Model

New challenges need new responses. The common organizational model looks like the generic drainpipe structure, meeting the mammalian need for an ordered hierarchy and flow of power within a business. Most companies have evolved in the last 2 decades and their functioning has become almost entirely customer centric.  Their customers’ priorities drive most of the […]

My Experience With Freight Cost Reduction Using Supply Chain Software

Freight Cost Reduction

Supply Chain Software One of the reasons I invest so much time and resources of our company in keeping current with the information technology is that good supply chain depends almost entirely on good information. And, your information is only as good as the technology deployed to collect, collate, store, parse and reproduce the information […]